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Licensing Music on The Sonic Frontier

Recommended track(s) if you like: Leo Kottke

Richard Leo Johnson - "Love and Trouble (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 3:16

Simple, plaintive acoustic guitar arpeggios stand in stark relief against a minimalist landscape where harmonics and the physical attack of the instrument itself tell the story. [Tempo: no fixed tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson - "Serve Up the Red Clay and Rhubarb (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 1:28

Rapid acoustic guitar picking patterns are the engine driving a series of slashing slide movements that carry this track’s harmonic momentum along. [Tempo: Up-tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson - "Quarter-Tone Soliders Marching on the Mill (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length = 0:48

Staccato bursts of acoustic guitar harmonics execute a quirky kind of dance atop dischordant harmonies for an offbeat, idiosyncratic feel. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson - "Side Road to Splendor (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 3:05

The feeling of travel comes to the fore via the steady, almost percussive pulse of an acoustic rhythm guitar, with intermittent slide licks providing melodic color along the way. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson - "Roundhouse Right (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 2:14

It’s possible to imagine some kind of drunken, shambolic folk dance being attempted during this piece, with it’s slip-sliding harmonic movements and stomp-along rhythmic insistence. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]