Music Outpost

Licensing Music on The Sonic Frontier


The Music Outpost features music that is readily available for licensing, with reasonable rates and terms, to productions of all kinds and all size. We provide access to music that can, for example, be licensed for film (movies, documentaries, animation), television, dance and theatre productions, as well as for made-for-tv or internet commercial advertisements (for computer or other products), and promotions/advertisements for non-profit groups.

Our clients range in size from major movie studios and cable companies, to independent filmmakers, and from non-profit dance companies to students working on thesis projects. Whatever the size or scope of your project, we can work with you to establish a licensing plan that fits your budget requirements while satisfying your artistic and technical needs. All licensing terms are fully negotiable, and The Music Outpost strives to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the result.

Licensing Music on The Music Outpost

Step 1: Find Music

Go to the find music page and make your selection:

Step 2: Click "Contact for Licensing"

Once you've found a song you would like to license, just click the "Contact for Licensing" button on that song.

Step 3: Fill out the License Form

Please fill out the form, including as much information as possible on your project -- including its size and scope (i.e. Independent Film or TV/Cable documentary or Animated Film or Major Studio Movie or Student Project), whether it's commercial or non-profit in nature, and any other pertinent info. We'll get back in touch with you ASAP, to discuss potential licensing and terms.