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Recommended track(s) if you like: Miles Davis

Pixel - "She Knows (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 4:35

Mellow opening riffs from sax and trumpet evolve into the theme before the trumpet takes a thoughtful, soulful solo and the opening theme and riffs are restated.

Pixel - "Hvor Ble Den Av? (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 8:38

A long, lyrical jazz excursion, beginning with breathy, wistful trumpet, then counterpoint from the sax and wordless scat vocals from the singer, who introduces a bit of restrained drama. The ensemble then rides the haunting theme into the sunset.

Pixel - "An Apple in the Country Hill (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 4:17

Mysterious drones from trumpet, sax and bowed bass evolve into moody, lyrical statements from trumpet and then tenor sax.

Pixel - "Farris (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length = 4:10

A languid, pensive ballad, first carried by the trumpet above an almost subliminal Latin rhythm from the drummer. Later, trumpet and sax lines embrace the melody and intertwine soulfully.

Pixel - "Passport (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length = 5:02

A loping instrumental with a catchy melody and a bright but restrained trumpet solo.

Rob Mazurek - "Galactic Ice Skeleton (Excerpt #1)" -

Eerie electronic tones are joined by spacey flute and cornet musings, before bass and percussion enter and lay down a thick, funky sonic carpet, with cornet, flute, vibraphone and fiddle, separately or in combination, contributing to a swirling kaleidoscope of sound.

Rob Mazurek - "Passing Light Screams (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length 15:58

Cornet, electronics and churning, free-form percussion forms the backbone of this piece before it evolves into a serene meditative dialogue between vibraphone and cornet. The ensemble then re-enters and moves toward a dramatic, polyrhythmic close.

Rob Mazurek - "Skull Caves Of Alderon (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length 13:02

Vibraphone and drums introduce a jaunty, joyous statement from the ensemble, followed by dynamic interplay between flute, cornet, and fiddle, a searing cornet solo, a brief bit of tranquility and gathering of forces, and then a squalling, high octane resolution from the ensemble.