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Recommended track(s) if you like: Morton Feldman

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - "International Tours [Magnetic Flip] (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length = 2:54

A lovely, languid, floating piece for piano and electric guitar.

The Claudia Quintet - ""...can you get through this life with a good heart?" (Excerpt #1)" - Full Track = 07:38

A shrill, portentous note on clarinet heralds a somber, jagged theme, with silences between notes and a deep, distorted bass pulse creating an element of foreboding. In time, the song title’s question is perhaps answered in the affirmative, with acoustic bass and then drums providing some forward momentum as the clarinet, vibraphone and accordion end with a pensive but hopeful theme.

The Claudia Quintet - "Bindi Binder (Excerpt #1)" - Full Track = 1:41

A progression of discrete single-note patterns on piano, electric piano and vibraphone, all of which combine in various delightful ways.

The Claudia Quintet - "Susan (Excerpt #1)" - Full Track = 5:18

An ethereal descending motif is passed back and forth between clarinet, accordion and then vibes, cushioned by a deep, leisurely punctuation from the bass, with drums gradually reinforcing the subtle pulse.