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Recommended track(s) if you like: Oregon

Janel and Anthony - "Auburn Road" - full track= :43

An autumnal feel comes to the fore as angular cello lines and artful acoustic guitar intertwine for a sound that touches on everything from folk to baroque. [Tempo: Up-tempo]

Lars Hollmer - "Frankl├ąt (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 3:01

Sprightly piano lines that mix folk and jazz flavors bounce off of sweet-toned accordion lines for a warm, welcoming feeling. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson Trio - "Haploid Springs (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 3:48

Anxious ripples of acoustic guitar brush up against electronics and violin like a rising swarm of bees whose hive has been disturbed, but they still manage to make some sweet music as they ascend. [Tempo: Up-tempo]