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Recommended track(s) if you like: Pat Metheny

Janel and Anthony - "Broome's Orchard (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 7:56

Dusky, contemplative cello lines share the spotlight with poignantly picked guitar, punctuated by thoughtful bass lines, slowly building up to a cinematic climax. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Lars Hollmer - "Beat mm (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 3:16

Is that a synthesizer player or a mad trombonist taking the jaunty, almost madcap lead over steady, galloping beat and a wash of keyboard chords? Either way it’s like a horseback ride through a circus tent. [Tempo: Up-tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson Trio - "Highway 420 revisited (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 4:41

Restlessly tumbling acoustic guitar patterns suggest a sonic travelogue, while colorful synth and organ lines sketch out the surrounding scenery. [Tempo: no fixed tempo]

Richard Leo Johnson Trio - "The Moon Is a Sky Thing (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 7:58

A clockwork-like rhythm is at the heart of the guitar lines on this track, while violin and electronics provide swooping, swelling complements to the gravitas-laden six-string statements. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]