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Recommended track(s) if you like: Tangerine Dream

Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company - "Easter (1970) (Excerpt #1)" - Full Length = 19:23

The richness and variety of analog electronic sound on "Easter" – the world's 1st composition to be performed live on the Minimoog – is quite extraordinary. A long, slow-developing piece built around rapid-fire, tuned sequencer pulses from a Moog synthesizer, with pulse tones and timbres undergoing continual evolution throughout the piece. The tuned rhythmic pulse supports a wide variety of melodic patterns and motifs contributed by the other synthesized keyboards.

Steve Moore - "Ancient Shorelines II (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 28:05

A simple synthesizer pattern slowly picks up friends as it repeats, with multiple counterpoint lines building the sonic mass of the track and creating a huge musical conversation. It’s what you might expect the inner workings of a computer to sound like. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Steve Moore - "Tyken's Rift (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 6:14

Spacey analog synth effects usher you into an ethereal realm, but percolating electronic arpeggios soon begin bouncing off each other to offer more melody and momentum. [Tempo: Mid-tempo]

Steve Moore - "Aldebran Exchange (Excerpt #1)" - full track= 6:42

Thick, deep synthesizer tones rise up to provide a foundation for this track, before upper-register washes of sound enter the fray to create a slowly ebbing and flowing ocean of analog synths. [Tempo: no fixed tempo]