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Recommended track(s) if you like: Wendy Carlos

David Borden/Mother Mallard - "Part 7" - Full Length = 7:15

Minimalist electric piano riffs are played off against lively bass counterpoint figures, while sampled violin, as well as organ and harpsichord sounds, add color and texture to this sparkling musical trip.

David Borden/Mother Mallard - "Part Twelve A" - Full Length = 7:21

An lively opening marimba-like minimalist pattern is joined by a contrapuntal higher-register tuned percussive riff, to which are added a wordless vocal line and long, low ostinato motifs – all contributing to a pleasing, tuneful kaleidoscope of sound.

David Borden/Mother Mallard - "Part Twelve B" - Full Length = 7:13

A funky electronic bass line introduces a dramatic descending melody line which is rendered by electronic keyboards simulating a string ensemble, and mixed with subtle textural and melodic variations.