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Miriodor - (Canada)

Miriodor’s music is especially suited for fantasy and drama among other things because of its rich structure and the fusion of classical and pop elements. It gives the sound of almost an affected orchestra and the rapid shifts in mood between tracks. Each song tells a mini-story that deeply explores a mood or theme, often incorporating at the same time medieval and futuristic. The band’s music exemplifies the RIO (Rock In Opposition) genre of which they are core artists; RIO and Miriodor are dedicated to making music that is challenging and introspective and relentlessly pushes the boundaries.

Miriodior was formed in Quebec City, Quebec in 1980 by Pascal Globensky and Francois Edmond and since then has been regularly releasing dynamic and interesting progressive and symphonic rock. Their first LP, Rencontres, released in 1985 and then reissued in 2006 by Cuneiform, was loyal to the roots of classic progressive rock, and remains their only release with vocals.  In 1993, with the addition of guitarist Bernard Falaise, the band adopted a more experimental rock-based sound, which they combined effortlessly with the woodwinds and chamber rock-influenced orchestration already present in their music.

The band’s performance at NEARfest 2002 made them the festival’s surprise stars and later became their first live release. Their ability to win over an audience over the course of one performance led to a string of other festival appearances such as Edgefest 2004, Guelph 2005, the Festival des Musiques Progressives de Montreal, and headlining the Gouevia Art Rock Festival 2005. They have been called the “premier ensemble from their home country and on an international stage” (Expose). Their 9th album, Cobra Fakir, was released on Cuneiform in 2013 and saw the band back in a trio format with long-time drummer Remi Leclerc. For the last few albums, the members of the band have taken on the task of mixing their albums themselves, and they are currently based in Montreal and regularly hire Quebecois to design their album art.